Clash Of Civilization Analysis

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Clash of Civilization in Middle East Ever since demise of ‘Communist threat’ in 1993, all scholars of the world are proliferating about future of the world. Among them ‘Samuel P. Huntington 's theory’ ‘Clash of Civilization’ is topic of debate in all over the world. According to this, “Conflicts of post-cold war era occur along cultural fault lines like region, ethnic groups and nationalities and religious group and divide civilization at two levels. First is micro level, in which countries try to hold their control in their territory. Second is macro level, in which countries compete for military power in order to promote their political and religious values. Now in present days, situation of ‘Middle East’ is the worst in the world. ‘Huntington’s theory of Clash of Civilization’ is proving true in Middle East. Civilization is facing threats from dragons of their regimes at micro and macro level. But world is not giving importance to that dangerous situation and especially Muslims countries who are fighting with each other for their political control rather than to sit and find solution of that situation. As regards, element of religion in International relations, there are two types of School of thoughts are present in the world,
1) According to first one, as international relations is secular term. So, there is no part of
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