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Cleopatra (69-39 B.C.) was not only a real, live person, she was an extrradordinary person who beguiled Julius Caesar, and after his death taking as her lover the successor to Caesar, Mark Antony. The famous story begins in mighty Alexandria, at that time the grandest city in the knownn world, surpassing Athens and Rome at that time. At this time the Roman Empire did not control Egypt, who was an equal power in the areas around Egypt, to the east. But Roman rulers were allowed full free access, and it was on his resting after another victorious foe, that Julius Caesar first met Cleopatra.

Rug merchants entered the Palace of the Pharaos at Alexandria that rug merchants came in with some rugs for Caesar. As the merchants unrolled one carpet, …show more content…

This became not only a relationship of convenience between the leader of the three who ruled Rome after the death of Caesar, but one of true mutual admiration and love. Cleopatra admired the dashing youthful energy and fable name and powerful position. She thought of herself as the wife of Caesar, evern though he had a wife in Rome. Caesar took Cleopatra back to …show more content…

But before this happened the return of Cleopatra to Alexandria she had her tomb hastily built, awaiting her fate. When Mark Antony arrived, knowing all was lost, their previous bad tempers between each other was forgotten, and Mark Antony had to be hoisted over a high wall because Cleopatra's aides had bolted the doors so firmly they could not unlock them. Mark Antony died in Cleopatra's arms. She is said to have then inflicted a variety of poisons on her slaves to see which would be least unpleasant. She enjoyed a luxury bath, and when completed, haid out and had a slave bring in a small basket of figs.

She pulled the small poisonous snake the asp and gently held if to her breast and gently died. One of the greatest names in history, Cleopatra was one who had arisen to great heights of honor and power, and died a legendarily fabled way. In her fleeing from the battle at its height, she guaranteed her doom, having betrayed her ally Mark Antony against her mortal enemy

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