College Admissions Essay: Looking Back At My Life

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From time to time I like to look back at my life and see what I have accomplished and how meaningful my very existence is to both my family and others. When I ponder this I often look at my father’s past and see how he aspired to the great man he is now. I see how he has made his fair share of mistakes and how he took it and kept moving. He has told me many times about how he never thought he would be anything important because of his intellectual capabilities and how he managed to squabble his way into medical school than the Naval Academy which changed his life for forever. I look at my father now and see the man he is now and see how he let his dreams become realities and how he worked for them instead of giving up and feeling sorry for himself like many people often act. Like many adolescents I have dreams of the perfect life and how it would be when I grow up. But, I also see the other side of the coin and the more I think about it the more I begin to realize that dreams are just fantasies of what we materially and emotionally desire. I still like to go and think about it though, the thought of having a family with a beautiful wife and children under a cozy house …show more content…

I see myself leaving as hard as it will be leaving my parents which I have spent my entire life with. I need independence because my parents as much, as I wish they could, cannot live for forever and will eventually pass on. I will find independence through my will to thrive and live to my fullest potential. I believe through independence I will find both comfort and companionship as they go hand in hand. As I grow up I dream of meeting a nice beautiful woman getting married and living in a comfortable house with a son who I could teach to play baseball as I was taught when I was young. In this I will hopefully find the three qualities that give life

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