College Admissions Essay: The Journey That Changed My Life

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I grew up in Green Bay as the eldest of three girls. The pioneer of my siblings, I often faced life ignorant, forced to learn and explore with an open-mind. And while such objectivity strengthened my ability to think and question the world around me, it also hindered my confidence and I became very introverted. Surrounded by affable girls, for a long time I thought it impossible to be both my true self and successful. I thought I was lacking some trait that was keeping me from normality. But then I learned of women like Marie Curie and Jane Goodall—female scientists propelled not by their charm, but by their curiosity and ideas—and I was inspired. Now, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, I am pursuing a degree in Biology (B.S.), …show more content…

At the beginning of my high school career I prided myself for my versatility. I was a member of my school’s cross country and soccer teams, I joined my student council, I even went on summer mission trips, but truthfully I was socially disconnected. Although I enjoyed the activities I was a part of, I was exhausted by the social commitment they required. I would come home overwhelmed, often going to bed while my family was awake and waking up while they were still asleep, just to have energy for my homework. Needless to say, school became a burden and I felt isolated. It wasn’t until my junior year, when I enrolled in my school’s International Baccalaureate Programme that I began to understand why I felt so misplaced. I learned I was introverted and gained energy not from being socially active (like most of my friends) but from being socially passive. I finally felt it was ok not to want to be in “the spotlight” and instead took on activities that let me succeed “behind the scenes”. I started a prayer club, I directed a intermediate school play, I became editor of my school’s yearbook. I finally felt I was utilizing my strengths, and when it was time for me to choose a career path, I was confident in choosing a job that would allow me to creatively solve problems and objectively explore, which is how I found field …show more content…

I was the one who climbed trees and caught bugs; I have always loved the outdoors. Now, in my second semester at UW-Whitewater I am starting to learn why environments are the way they are, and I am trying to get as thorough an understanding as I can. Currently, I have a 18 credit course load, sophomore standing (from IB credit) and a 3.7 GPA. I am involved in my school’s ecology and gardening clubs, and am financial officer of the latter. I also have been volunteering monthly with the local DNR to reduce invasive species throughout the southern Kettle Moraine. I even have been able to conduct undergraduate research concerning how representation of female scientists has changed since the early 1900’s. This summer I am hoping to further gain field experience through an internship as a field technician, either locally or at a nearby university. By doing so, I should then have the experience necessary to be hired for an internship at a national park the following summer, which would be incredible. Regarding this fall, I am presently undergoing the process of becoming a peer mentor (a TA for a freshman orientation class) and am looking to start research in entomology. Then during winter I am hoping to participate in a travel study course to Yellowstone National Park, where I would get to track wolves and study the park’s

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