My College Admissions Essay: My Path To Personal Success

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Throughout my seventeen years of living, I have often pondered about what my ultimate goal might be. By involving myself with a plethora of elements, I am able to sculpt out a particular image for myself, hoping that one day my intended path will be eventually established. However, as I progressed throughout my high school career, I began to discover my strengths and weaknesses, and have begun using them to my advantage. These tasks, such as band, UIL Academics, and the dual credit program have helped me prepare for my educational and social goal for the year 2017. To start, having joined band about two years ago has invigorated my sense of social ability. A paramount skill in the real world, collaborating with one another would seem to me …show more content…

When I joined the team last year, I had no idea what one should expect of such a club. Having only given an assigned non-fiction book, a comprehensive study guide, and a list of terms, I was on my own to learn the material. It was then, when I joined that club, that it would be my effort that will be what determines my sense of progress, not my teachers. Self-discipline, to put it in better terms, became the pinnacle in this contest. To describe the book, “James Madison: The Five Partnerships That Built America”, James Madison is described alongside of a narration of third-person omniscient. I have found that the underlying moral of the story was one’s quality in their efforts. With Madison studying failed governments in history such as the Greeks and the United Provinces, he was one of the only few with the expertise to establish a nation and not repeat past mistakes; such studying was a massive undertaking. In essence, self-discipline, such as the likes Madison, will help train myself to stay engaged for my goal of college next year and be able to put that knowledge for good to myself and for

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