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Throughout my life, I remained in a shy bubble where pushing myself from my comfort zone did not exist. Prior to my sophomore year of high school, I did not join any clubs, take upon leadership position, or go to school activities. The reason being was I relied on my friends therefore if they did not join a club, I would not either. I realized I was missing out on an abundance of activities because I was relying on people who could potentially not be by side at some point. Therefore I burst my own shy bubble and took upon a new adventure that would benefit me in the future.
After discovering the variety of clubs my high school had to offer, I decided to dedicate my free time in clubs that I would truly enjoy and benefit me in the future. Due to my to my interest …show more content…

It caught my attention that this club would expose students whom the majority were hispanics like myself to the customs and traditions around the world. Being a club member was great because I truly enjoyed the activities involved such as japanese origami or tying ethnic foods, but I wanted to be more than just a member. When the opportunity of being part of cabinet was announced I decided to step out of my comfort zone by applying my junior year. Within a week I received the position of secretary which required a tremendous amount of work leaving me overwhelmed with excitement for I had taken a step forward on my own. After demonstrating my diligent work and bringing forward new ideas I was granted the position of president of International Club my senior year. Along my senior year, I continued to challenge myself even more by applying for another cabinet position to one of the

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