Biology Personal Statement

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Personal Statement:
Over my time as an undergraduate student, little about me has remained constant. I came into the program with sky-high goals, but no real plan for how, or even why, I would pursue them. I wanted to be a biochemistry and engineering minor, and go to medical school. Now, as I reflect upon the past four years, although I have not accomplished all of my freshman year goals, I realize that I have learned even more valuable lessons than I could have imagined. However, a desire to pursue biology remained my one constant, and has evolved into a clear goal and path.
In freshman year, I failed a lot. I came from a small rural public high school, and I had never had to study to get a good grade. It took me a while to get myself on track, but this makes me even more proud of how my grades and achievements have improved. Initially, I intended to focus on cellular and molecular biology, and pursue a career in medicine or bioengineering. …show more content…

The course not only introduced me to the ecological side of biology, but also to the multifaceted nature of science as a whole. I became further captivated by biology, in large part due to the intersection of science, engineering, politics, and community at the heart of the climate change issue. Since then, I have devoted myself to studying not only the technical aspects of biology, but also how science and society influence each other. I hope to further expand my education in this regard and contribute to equity amongst humans and with the environment. Thank you for considering my

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