Colonization Of Africa

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By the 19th hundreds Africa was colonized by Europe however only Liberia and Ethopia were not part of the colonization because they were already independent by that time. There are many reasons why Europe colonized Africa both political and economic. Europe wanted Africa’s natural resources. Africa’s natural resources were thus extracted by this wealthy nations, who then took the money that was made from those resources back to their developed countries. Examples Nigeria that is rich in oil and diamond-rich South Africa Join StudyMode and get inspired today!. (2017).
Africa is a continent that is rich in oil and minerals. Thus developed countries such as china need those resources in abundance. At the beginning of the 1990s Africa’s trade with
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Africa might be rich however most of its people live in abject poverty the government fails to provide them with basic services such as education electricity medical care. An example can be in case of South Africa where President Jacob Zuma build a R246 million home in Nkandla while his next door neighbours live in a shark. 10 corruption scandals that rocked South Africa (2017).
Although Zimbabwe may be one of the poorest countries in the continent it is however one of the worst corrupt countries in the world. With President Robert Mugabe being in power since April 1980 till date. This had been happening even way back the Israeli businessman Dan Gertler who was able to create a close friendship with DR Congo President Joseph Kabila, he was then give a near monopoly on exporting the nation's diamonds, soon he was a billionaire. Zimbabwe.Situation (2017).
Africa is a huge and diverse continent that faces a lot of socio-economic challenges including that Africa’s current economy is growth rate is low, poverty in African countries, poor education, ill health, violence, corruption, unemployment, poor housing, poor water and sanitation, poor infrastructure, lack of entrepreneur opportunities, gender issues and also the fact that African industrial development has been stalled since the 1970s. Terence Corrigan
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If the citizens are not satisfied with the service delivery they then begin to strike which leads to unrest within the continent this may even get to being as worse as civil war. Because people believe that the government has the duty to provide for the because of the promises they made to them during the elections. How We Made It In Africa (2017)
Education is a very important principle in a society, however the quality of education in Africa is not so pleasing. The rate of dropout in Africa is higher than other parts of the world. There is a decline in the quality of education in Kenya and Ghana, linked to pupil–teacher ratios, ‘the quality of instruction’, favouritism in awarding bursaries and poor infrastructure. In South Africa it is clear that young graduates are unable to find employment while most of them drop-out of universities because of lack of funding. How We Made It In Africa
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