Command Economy Research Paper

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Command economic advantages: Resources quickly and effectively mobilized on a large scale. 2. To achieve the authority of the social goals at the same time, to create an industrial power and a large number of projects. Personal autonomy is no longer the driving force for business success. The greater interest of society is the focus of the economy. The whole society benefits from success, not just a few people. This economy can transform society and meet the government's vision of the state or society. Command Economic Disadvantages: The needs of society are often overlooked to improve the economy. Workers have no choice where they can be employed or where they can move. The black market exploded in the command economy. Due to government restrictions, the command economy did not …show more content…

2. Friendly competition between companies will encourage employees to reduce costs between costs. 3. The company is looking for new products for sale or manufacturing to become creative and cheaper to achieve their goals. 4. As companies grow and grow as a result of the market economy, foreign investors will begin to expand their interests. Market economy Workers' exploitation is less due to good working conditions, long working hours and less wages. Large companies transfer production to countries where cheap labor is available, and there is little security for workers. Investment priorities and wealth become distorted. The wealthy are getting richer, and public sectors such as public education, transport routes and public health are not getting the necessary funds to develop and meet the needs of the public. The goods will be mass-produced, so the cost will be reduced. As the product becomes popular and overproduced, the manufacturer must unload the goods, even if it means lowering the price to the point where the public can afford

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