Common Themes In Deadly, By Julie Chibbaro

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When you’re a woman in the 1900’s it isn’t going to be easy for you, especially when you’re a sixteen year old girl working as an epidemiologist’s assistant and one that is interested in the field of medicine at that. Deadly, a novel by Julie Chibbaro, is about a sixteen year old girl named Prudence who is working with a epidemiologist, Dr. George Soper, to help stop the typhoid epidemic. She has to help convince Mary Mallon, a human typhoid disease carrier, to work with the department. While she has this job she has to face many obstacles along the way. The three most developed themes in Deadly are, individuals versus society, and how the people you know won’t always be on your side, wisdom of experience, and how you won’t always know what’s …show more content…

After they have captured Mary Mallon the department faces many hardships with the public. The press immediately takes up Mary’s story, and one article was released on how the department treated Mary Mallon. “...officers Nevan and Hill arrest and imprison the poor, helpless cook, treating her like a criminal for possibly carrying disease, despite her obviously healthy state…” (pg.211) This article is biased, taking Mary’s side of the story. It states that Mary is healthy and that she could possibly carry the typhoid disease, even though they have run various tests on Mary, proving she has the germ and is a healthy carrier. They also call Mary a ‘poor helpless cook’ even though she has shown acts of violence towards the department. This shows that the press twists the facts they have to fit their situation. The press continues to spread the lies they have and the department has to deal with the chaos. “The newspaper articles about Mary Mallon have mushroomed, with a new crop of falsehoods every day.” (pg.216) The Boeing's family has gained the sympathy of the public, which as Prudence explained with her metaphor, has caused the press to continue the articles they have on Mary Mallon’s case. They won’t stop with their lies, which shows the department they, and the public, are against their actions. With all the lies and articles spreading about the department, Mary has earned the sympathy of many people. “...a group of women at the bottom of the wide stairway with a banner that said ‘free Mary Mallon’. Bunches of angry people held signs…” (pg.266) These people protesting for Mary and demanding her freedom show the department their defiance. Their actions show that they are not on their side. They show that they don’t agree with how they treated Mary Mallon and that they aren’t convinced that the department's actions were

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