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Judeah Auguste University of Alaska Anchorage The Doctors Plague, Sherwin B. Nuland Kraft The Doctors Plague depicts the story of the lifeline of Ignac Semmelweis, a physician in the First Division at the Allgemeine Krankenhaus hospital in Vienna and his discovery of childbed fever. Nuland opens the medical-scientific novel with a fictional story of a young nameless girl who is inching closer to her birth date. From her friend, she learns there are two obstetric divisions, one run by doctors and the other by midwives, advising the soon to be mom to stay clear of medical students. Already foreshadowing being attended by the medical students results in an uncomfortable situation, Nuland leaves the readers with curiosity and the answer to …show more content…

Although faced with backlash, Semmelweis tries to prevent the disease by insisting every medical attendant wash themselves in a chloride solution before examining women in labor. Semmelweis was a bright and intelligent doctor, but he was very disliked and eventually failed to place his theories and discoveries about the infection into writing. Semmelweis did not wish to partake in the circle many of the medical attendants had formed, instead he remained an outsider. Because of his characteristics, if he had chosen to portray himself differently, the medical staff may have followed his rules of hygiene before attending to women in childbirth, rather than ignoring it because of their personal views of him. Nuland also takes this chance to describe how wrong Semmelweis was even alongside his fellow physicians. By refusing to publish his clinical discoveries, and proving his theory, and by disregarding those who could have helped him, He was disowned rather than being honored for his findings resulting in the deaths of many other

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