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Judeah Auguste University of Alaska Anchorage The Doctors Plague, Sherwin B. Nuland Kraft The Doctors Plague depicts the story of the lifeline of Ignac Semmelweis, a physician in the First Division at the Allgemeine Krankenhaus hospital in Vienna and his discovery of childbed fever. Nuland opens the medical-scientific novel with a fictional story of a young nameless girl who is inching closer to her birth date. From her friend, she learns there are two obstetric divisions, one run by doctors and the other by midwives, advising the soon to be mom to stay clear of medical students. Already foreshadowing being attended by the medical students results in an uncomfortable situation, Nuland leaves the readers with curiosity and the answer to the disease. Assigned to the First Division, she is visited by multiple medical attendants including the students she was warned about. As the doctors come back from the cadavers, the young girl is invaded by the doctors leading her to shortly fall dead of a high fever after giving birth. Nuland uses this opening to lead the audience into the history and discovery of the deadly disease by going into gruesome detail on their findings of the deceased women, and incorporating other doctors journals to provide a greater explanation. As the mortality rate began increasing, students assisting doctors would dissect bodies of the deceased women and find their uteruses inflamed, while still going to examine healthy women about to give birth.

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