Communism And Socialism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Socialism and communism were the two highlights of the Karl Marx’s work on which we can draw the parallel to the George Orwell’s famous novel “Animal Farm”. Socialism, as I see it, is mainly people power or redistribution of wealth amongst them. Communism is where the government controls all the businesses or industry and really resembles fascism more than socialism. Orwell was committed socialist who sought to give an idea of a more egalitarian and fairer society which Marx also wanted to highlight in his writings.
In the novel as the old major did not live to see the phase of communism in the farm same does goes to the situation of Karl Marx who insisted these ideas in the time where communism was not as popular as it is today. Marx dreamt …show more content…

Where due to his death, Old Major was impotent to prevent his once sagacious philosophies from being distorted by Napoleon later in the novel. This situation is a representative of the Russian Revolution where Marx’s principals were forgotten by the Bolshevik Party. This implies that the change will eventually occur through time and space, and revolution leads to power, but once power is achieved it is prone to being abused.
Hereby is a foreshadow that Major’s revolution is doomed to fail, because its power is once again granted to a few. Through Old Major’s speech, Orwell presents Major as a forceful orator who directs his audience to the same places Marx did. But under the surface he implies hidden view in subtle ways to bring emphasis to the central idea of the novel.

Being a democratic socialist, George Orwell, does not completely agree with the idea of a Marxist society. There are certain catches in the Old Major’s speech which gives an ironical edge that reflects on George Orwell’s opinion on Karl Marx, and questions the purposes of Karl Marx 's ideology. Orwell hints at the shortcomings and naivety of Old Major’s vision by implying ironic phrases to reemphasize the idea that no matter how desirable the ideal, man’s instinct for power makes the classless society impossible. In his speech, Old Major mentioned “the more intelligent animal” and that the pigs “immediately sat in front of the

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