Comparative Essay On Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

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People today with platinum albums, gold medals, etc. are what most people think about when you mention success, but how did that happen exactly? Most people just say it was hard work but did those people think about the true possibilities about how they come to be the people they are now? Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote “Outliers” clarifies how it was possible for these people to be successful and what big factors took place during their lives to make them successful.Many theories have been set in the past about success stories and how they correspond to each other and how they differ by a great margin, and many psychologists and another scientist ,such as Malcolm Gladwell have come to find out how success occurred.Two of those success stories that “differ by a great margin” …show more content…

"He wants to do it now. He speeds to Cupertino and says, drop everything, we're doing this at this very moment.".In jobs successful story it wasn't about being a genius it was about attitude.Jobs was also born in the right place at the right time in Silicon Valley.¨Coincidence? Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen was born in 1953, Apple (AAPL) founder Steve Jobs in 1955, and Sun Microsystems (SUNW) founders Bill Joy and Scott McNealy in 1954. All of these Silicon Valley pioneers succeeded not just on their extraordinary talent but also because they had the right opportunities at exactly the right time.¨(Outliers-Malcolm

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