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In the book the author starts off talking about a hockey player rise to the top sport in Canada. Canadian hockey is bias; thousands of people play the sport at a novice level before they even start kindergarten. Multiple different players succeed because they perform well, and the reason for their success is their ability and performance in the sport while other kids can buy their way in. The author then asks us the questions “Is this really the case for their success or are there other factors involved.” This is a book about Outliers and how men and women who do things out of the ordinary. Malcolm Gladwell says that his book is there is something wrong with the way we make sense of success and how our successful people to do not reach success…show more content…
The author then says personal achievement, hard work, and talents are major factors within a person’s life. But that information does not play apart in everyone’s life. While I was reading the book I saw that the Czech Republic soccer team, there are no players born in later months. And from that you can say the younger players have been pushed out of the sport since the cut off age was in the start of the year. The author believes that many schools and sport teams should divided based on the month they were born so the students can compete with other children that are the same age. This should take in place until the difference of a several months of the kid’s life does not determine strength, intelligence, and ability at school or on the field.
While I was reading Outliers it did not change my perspective with someone success since the age of someone does not matter when it comes to performance and abilities in school or a sport at a later age. Even though I have a later birthday and knowing that it did not make me have disadvantage in school or sport since I was placed in a better math class in 7th grade which proves the theory wrong. I think the birthday thing is just a coincidence and I need more information to make me believe that birthdays have an effect on someone’s life when it comes to strength and

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