Persuasive Essay On Outliers

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The book “Outliers,” by Malcolm Gladwell takes readers on a momentous adventure of twists and turns through life's most optimistic lessons. The aspiration of the book “Outliers,’ is a reflection of how the author Gladwell would like his readers to view and glide through the journey called life. Examples given within the book help to shed light on positive lifelong learning experiences. The key question in the book “Outliers,” is what makes people who are great achievers different from regular people? ” The term “Outlier,” illustrates phenomena’s that can happen apart from what is considered to be the social norm (Gladwell, 2007). As Gladwell explains what an outlier is, he explains an outlier to be a person who is out of the ordinary. According to Gladwell, successful women and men alike gain specialization, partnership, time, locations, and culture (Locklear, 2016). An outlier’s method for success is not personal beliefs but the synthesis of opportunity and time on task (Locklear, 2016).

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The author Gladwell helped the reader to reach his message by providing characters with common experiences and turn them into positive experiences. He used characters to help the reader to find hidden messages. Gladwell was trying to make hidden messages easy to locate as a person reads deeper in the chapters within the book, he made this clear since the beginning of his book. The importance of the book is demonstrates how a legacy that includes culture can have failure and can be turned around into success just by an off chance (Locklear, 2016). Gladwell gives the reader a sense of empowerment showing the public to feel self-righteous because they too can become a famous song writer or athlete if they to put in their 10,000 hours of dedicated work to what they love to do (Locklear,

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