Compare And Contrast A Long Walk To Water And Out Of The Dust

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Imagine yourself watching through the window as the rain creates puddles in every tiny crack or hole. You notice how raindrops have started lining the inside perimeter of your small house. The lighting and thunder was feared by everyone so no one dared to step outside of the house. Food was becoming an issue since you have been locked inside. Thanks to the back up cans of food that your parents had stored in case of emergency, you have been doing fairly well compared to the others. However, soon enough, you know that your family is going to have to face the same amount of problems as everyone else. The texts “A Long Walk to Water” and “Out of the Dust” portray challenges faced by characters in order to survive. In “A Long Walk to Water” by …show more content…

No one could live peacefully as the dust storm raged across homes. Billie Jo remained pessimistic due to the dust. Her happiness and motivation had been stolen from her. The setting also affected the plot since everything that occured was in relation to the dust. To summarize, the setting in “Out of the Dust” greatly affected the main character and plot of the novel.
Moreover, the harsh climates of both novels affect the main characters by creating a myriad amount of challenges. Billie Jo, the main character in “Out of the Dust” by Karen Hesse struggles with her deformed hands against the terrifying dust storms. The dust forces her to lose hope and give up on her dreams. In “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park, Salva is left in a calamitous situation, due to the conditions of where he lives. Salva treks through deserts and rivers trying to survive. He has to keep moving, while knowing that there are vicious predators and other dangerous obstacles. Another main character named Nya, walks for many hours in order to receive a bit of water. She also has to help take care of the family since water is a necessary resource. In both texts, the settings pressure the characters to capitulate and keep dwelling on the past. The characters in either novel suffer from losses of their loved ones. Though Billie Jo loses most of her family, Salva’s loss of his close friend was just as depressing. The characters …show more content…

“A Long Walk to Water” describes the lifestyle of those living through the horrid circumstances of Sudan. In “Out of the Dust” the main character is constantly distressed by her discordant surroundings. The characters in both novels face experiences and are influenced in similar ways. The amount of hope that you still have has been decreasing at a constant rate. You know that there is absolutely no way that your family will be able to live through this storm. No one knows when the rain will stop or when they will be able to leave the house. Trying to save the food and only eating enough to make sure you are not hungry, you struggle. You think about all the dinners your mom used to make when she was in an optimistic mood. You wait and pray for the storm to end. Until then, you will wait and fight against the

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