Compare And Contrast Beowulf Good And Evil

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An Understanding on Beowulf:
An Analysis on How Beowulf Contrasts Good Versus Evil

Beowulf is the typical story of good versus this poem, good is portrayed by our hero, Beowulf. Evil, on the other hand, does not have one representation, but rather several, most are in form of monsters. To be good, you need to be the opposite of what evil is and what it does. Beowulf does that several times throughout the whole poem.
Grendel, the first monster Beowulf encountered, attacked because he was exiled form the rest of society and probably felt angry and jealous out of the peoples joy(87).he was probably jealous of the happiness of others, and like many people, he decided that if he was not happy, no one should be happy. Grendel acted out of

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