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This is about the two Asians nations. Both have populations in excess of billion and the ability to become superpowers. Yet there is a study of contrast: one had achieved the distinction of being the fastest growing economy of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The other is still playing catch up with the tiger economies of South East Asia.
Growing countries do not necessarily follow a same industrial development process. China and India both have been growing remarkably under economic liberalization after the 1980s, and their electrical and electronics industries, though both regulated before the liberalization, have also developed from then on. Despite sharing common starting points, the growth and development of the electrical and electronics industries differ
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In the five year to 2014, industry revenue has been increasing 11.7% annualy to $7.4 billion .
In China, the electrical industry have developed into one of China’s leading industry. Although it is in nominal terms, growth after the mid-1990s has been rapid, and the industrial scale has expanded by about three times every five years. Consequently the ratio of value-added of the electric and electronics industry to the secondary industry has been increasing from 6.85% in 1985 to 12.88% in 2005. Therefore the industry has contributed to rapid economic growth in China.
Although exports of the electrical products from China have been remarkably and exports of them by the local firms also have been increasing after the
however major exporters are still foreign-affiliated firms. In addition, we are here
with growth of the Chinese and the Indian local firms against a backdrop of each native market, therefore we concentrate on the Chinese and the Indian markets not on overseas

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