Compare And Contrast Cleopatra And Beth Northrup

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“ I think the reward for the conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself”’ (Rita Mae Brown). This quote could mean a few different meanings. But the most important meaning of the quote is that It doesn't matter what others think about one another. Queen Victoria, Cleopatra and Beth Northrup did not let others influence their decisions. Queen Victoria always made her own choices. During her time as queen, she made a lot of tough decisions. Queen Victoria had to make decisions on what to do when the wars came about. She did not know by entering the country in these wars if they would benefit from it or if it would be a disadvantage. “When Victoria was crowned queen the british people had lost respect for …show more content…

She faced a bunch of major hardships in her time of being Queen of Egypt. After she was pronounced Queen of Egypt she took her brother Ptolemy XIV as her husband. He was only 11 at the time. “By the laws she had to marry her brother, Ptolemy XIII. They got married when Ptolemy was 11 years old” (Ritner 84). As he got older he began to want more power and more of a say on what was going on. But Cleopatra was determined not to let him have the power that he wanted. Cleopatra was one of the greatest rulers of her time. She never gave up on anything. “Cleopatra was known for many things, but the most common was that she was known for was that she was ruthless and determined” (Cleopatra 90). She was a ruthless ruler she did not give any mercy on anyone. However she has a great interest in a man by the name of Julius Caesar. Cleopatra and Caesar fell in love with one another. This became a problem because she could not marry him due to the laws she had to follow. Since Cleopatra and Caesar had such strong love for one another, together they defeated Ptolemy. Cleopatra was then pronounced Queen. Almost everything that she decided to do and what she was doing for the country, the decisions were supported, especially by Caesar. “Cleopatra never backed down for the country and never gave up” (Cleopatra). After she became Queen she had full power, just like she planned. Since Caesar was so head over heals about her he supported every decision she

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