Compare And Contrast Dui Doi And Persepolis

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There are many examples of how children are and were affected by war in both Dien Cai Dau and Persepolis. Many people overlook how children are effected, they mainly think of the soldiers participating. Both Yusef Komunyakaa and Marjane Satrapi express the impact that wars have on children. In Dien Cai Dau’s, “Dui Doi, Dust of Life”, Komunyakaa writes a very meaningful poem about what it’s like to be the product of relationship that happened in Vietnam. It starts with the father talking about the son’s journey overseas to America to see his father. He then describes the child as being “curly-headed & dark skinned” (Pg. 58), which would be a mixture of Vietnam and African American. The father then begins to talk about the relationship he had …show more content…

The setup of this poem is there are children playing in a field which may have been a crash site for a helicopter because the children are playing with broken things like gun mounts, helicopters, and broken machine guns. There are many things wrong with this, it is innocent children playing with objects used in war. “pulling themselves through-/ suspended in doorways/ of multimillion-dollar helicopters”, these children think nothing of it, they think they have this cool playground. This just shows how sad it is for a generation to be raised mid-war, when they grow up war is going to seem normal to them and they will probably be more enthused to …show more content…

On page 53 Marji had previously been exposed to different tortures (page 51) and decided to make up some of her own. On the top row there are a few illustrations showing different tortures she made up. There was “The Mustache-on-Fire”, “The Twisted Arm”, and “The Mouth Filled with Garbage”. In the next row you can see Marji looking in the mirror and seeing herself with horns saying “I had the diabolical feeling of power…” This shows how immature her mind is, she thinks that torture is fun and acts like it is a game. This scene is very good at showing how children view things like torture and

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