My Brother Sam Is Dead Quotes

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To many people take the toll of war,to many lives have been taken from the toll of war.Families have been ripped apart by the toll of war and the stress that it puts on a family and others that live near it or in it.It has ripped apart famly bonds too.
War is a heart smasher in this book My Brother Sam Is Dead.”Sam.There’ll be no more talk on this tonight.”(c.c 8)Father displays his anger towards Sam in this “fight”with him.Father is outraged at Sam because Sam is talking back at Father for talking about the rebels and the war.
“Why does he always have to get in a fight with me?”(c.c 15)Sam thinks Father is picking on Sam to much because of the war and him going out playing “soldier boy” and not doing any work.Tim also thinks that Sam is lucky getting all of the glory from going to war and telling points. …show more content…

”Life died on a prison ship”(c.c prologue).Mr.meeker died on a prison ship and then reality really set in for Tim.He was going to have to pull through with having no help and a business to work in and mother to feed.He was going to work harder ever than before and pull through.Then the final niale in the coffin for Tim,was when Sam came home.Sam came home just to say hi and have a meal but he was arrested from

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