Compare And Contrast Generals Die In Bed And Flyboys

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WWI was a terrifying and brutal war in which many innocent men gave their lives. The book “Generals Die in Bed” and the movie “Flyboys” are both about WWI, and they both show how WWI devastated many young men. The book “Generals Die in Bed” represents WWI better than the movie “Flyboys” because the movie is unrealistic and mostly fictional, the book was written by a man who was in the war himself, and the movie demonstrated the fights in the air, while most of the fighting actually happened on the ground, and in the trenches.
“Flyboys” is unrealistic, and mostly fictional and does not do a good job of showing the suffering of the men. In the movie, there is a scene in which the main character lands his plane in the middle of no man’s land (the spaces in between trenches) and runs through it to rescue his comrade. This scene is probably added for show, and to dazzle the audience with the courage of the main character. In this scene the main character is forced to cut off his comrade's hand, to release him from being stuck under the wing of the plane. If you look at the man's hand, you can tell if he needed to he could have just slipped off his glove to escape. “Generals Die in Bed” has none of this unrealistic dazzle and unnecessary exaggeration, and just shows the ground view of what …show more content…

The book was written about his experiences in the war. Although we cannot assume that everything in “Generals Die in Bed” is true and happened exactly as it was described, we can believe that since it was written by a man who was in the war himself, it may be a little more accurate than a movie whose only historical advisor was charged with fraud. Even if “Flyboys” was based on true events as it claims to be “based on a true story,” it would still be polluted with exaggerations of graphics, special effects and some events that never happened, just to make the movie look

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