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The movie Flyboys is historically inaccurate with its props, characters, and events that used in the movie to portray the dogfights, lives, and situations of the pilots of the Lafayette Escadrille squadron during WWI. In the movie Flyboys the characters they use are based off of real life people that flew and fought in the war, but the characters do not have any relation to the where they are from in the movie to where they are at in real life. The main character who it is based off of was born in Phoenix, Arizona but in the movie it says he is originally from Aberdeen, Texas. The character that the movie is based off of his name is Frank Luke. He never once lived in the state of Texas nor owned a ranch there. He only went to Texas to go get his pilot training. And in the movie it said he was apart of the Lafayette Escadrille but in real life he was apart of the 27th Aero Squadron. In the movie he was already in France before the U.S. had entered the war but in real life he went to France after the U.S. joined the war (Wikipedia). Another person that they got wrong was the character named Skinner. Skinner was based off of Eugene Bullard who was an african american pilot. In fact he was the first african american pilot. What the people who made the movie got wrong was that …show more content…

The planes that they used in the movie Flyboys was a Nieuport 17. But what was messed up on the planes were their engines and their gun placement. In real life on the Nieuport 17 the guns would be on the upper wing above the cockpit, but in the movie the guns were on the nose of the planes. If the guns were on the nose of the planes they would shoot off their propellers and the plane would dive bomb and crash. And the engines the Nieuport 17 would use were rotary engines but, in the movie they had modern radial engines instead of the rotary engines that they used in WWI (Rickard,

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