Compare And Contrast Nubian And American Empires

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History has proven that many ancient civilizations have existed before the Europeans and Native Americans, including the ancient Nubian and Incan civilizations. Although they are not explored as deeply as European history is, these ancient societies were, and still are, influential in world history. Two of these kingdoms – Nubia and the Inka Empire – are similar in their role to the development of their kingdom, yet they functioned in different ways to affect the individual continents in which they were located. The Nubian and Incan empires had many similarities as they were both important; one of the many including how they left their history behind – through sculpture and storytelling. Another important similarity was that both kingdoms worshiped gods and practiced ancestor worship. They believed that the gods ruled them and that their ancestors were to be adored. Both cultures also created similar art …show more content…

Known as either Nubia, Cush, or Kush, the kingdom is mentioned in the Bible as a powerful kingdom and the “cradle of Christianity.” It started through the migration of the Nuba peoples to this part of Africa; there they built a kingdom. Nubia was big in economics and trade because of its location on the river and its proximity to Egypt. It participated in the Trans-Saharan Trade and the Red Sea International Trade with partners such as China, India, and other African civilizations across the Saharan Desert. The Nubian peoples’ main language is known as Old Nubian, but the kingdom has many others because of its people’s migration history. Nubia was a land that measured its wealth in cattle, family size, and money and was mostly ruled by queens, who were called candaces. The kingdom had both written and oral traditions. Although Kush was the “cradle of Christianity”, they did have a pagan religion in which their highest god was the lion

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