Compare And Contrast Patrick Henry And Thomas Paine

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Life and Liberty “Free people, remember this maxim: we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Freedom is a widely sought after commodity but is hard to acquire. Many people and nations throughout history have tried to gain their freedom. Some of them have won but many have failed. One particular group of people that wanted their freedom were the American Colonists. The colonies wanted nothing more than to be free from British rule. They knew that if they tried to gain their freedom and failed, they would have no chance of ever gaining it. The punishment that they would receive if they failed would be horrendous. Many of the colonists were beginning to grow weary and thinking of throwing in the towel. Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine were the push the Colonists needed. The two writers both gave compelling reasons as to why they needed to go to war with Britain and obtain their freedom. They were both in full support of the American Revolution. Though both writers had an influence on the people, Patrick Henry was the stronger of the two. …show more content…

Paine’s writing was full of emotion and feeling. His writing tugs on the heartstrings, but by doing this, lacks the drive the Colonists needed. His collection of articles rambled on and took round about ways to get to what he was trying to say. At times it seemed that he got off topic making it harder to follow what he was saying. He also talked about what would happen to the people during the war. This made it less likely that the people would want to go to war. To them the risks outweighed the rewards. Patrick Henry’s speech is the

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