Compare And Contrast Soldier's Heart And Red Badge Of Courage

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Compare and Contrast- Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage
Charlie and Henry are the main characters in the book Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage. Both Charlie and Henry, were very young war men, and struggled a lot during the war, both fought with the struggle of wanting to back out of the war, and having the fear of being killed. Many actions and words in Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage show that there are many differences.
Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage have many differences. At the beginning of Soldier’s Heart, Charley was really excited to go off to war, He was excited for all the “fame” and attention he would be receiving from everyone around him. In the beginning of Red Badge of Courage, Henry immediately regretted his choice to go off to war. The Novel Soldier’s Heart was written in 1st person point of view, and Red Badge of Courage written in 3rd person limited.
In the beginning of the book Soldier’s Heart, Charley is the main character, Charley wanted to leave his home life to go to war and fight, his excitement to go off fighting was unreal. He was willing to leave his family to go off and fight in a war that he didn’t know if he would make it through or not. Charley made through the first battle, he stayed and fought, but didn’t run. Charley did end …show more content…

Henry was immediately doubting the choice that he had just made, to go off to war at such a young age and leaving his family. Henry on the other hand ran from battle, he jumped and ran, like a coward, Henry didn’t get shot during the war, but he did get hit in the head with the end of someone’s gun while fleeing from battle, he thought he had been shot, Henry even told his best friend Wilson that he had been shot in the back of the head. Henry did make it through the war, he didn’t die in war, but he survived it, but the book Red Badge of Courage was more about pure irony and rage and

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