Compare And Contrast The Articles Of Confederation And The Us Constitution

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Our national government has not always dad this much influence over matters concerning this country. Under the Articles of Confederation, power for the national government was vastly limited compared to the current central government today. The people who wrote the Articles where worried about a strong central government that would oppress them like the King did. In turn they came up with the Articles of Confederation which gave greater power to the states instead of the national government. Under the Us Constitution the central government know has more power than it did under the Articles of Confederation to stabilize the United States. When the writers came up with the rules for a new government they wanted democracy to be a part of it. A republic was wanted by the colonists after the King imposed taxes and limited the settlement for people in North America. The US Constitution and the Articles of Confederation let the people have a say on how they could govern themselves instead of a monarch. Both documents limited the power that the central government had on the states and its people. At one point the Articles where the law of the land like the US Constitution is today. However, unlike the constitution, the Articles could not give the …show more content…

The national and state government both have power which the people can appoint to represent them. It imposes laws to keep corruption and illegal behavior from those that can hurt citizens. Under the constitution we have checks and balances. It distributes power onto the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative so no one is more powerful than the other. Our government has created laws to keep peace and order within its borders. It has given equality to woman, people of color, and all those that are not protestant white. We have freedom because we have options to pick our next president or governor of our

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