Compare And Contrast The Aztec Empires

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The Aztec Empire was better than the other ancient empires because of it’s government, Religion, environment, art and culture, science, Economics, and society.

The Aztec empire was made up of Altepetl, or city states, which were each ruled by a Tlatoani, or supreme leader. Every Altepetl also had a Cihuacoatl, or supreme judge. The Tlatoani owned all land in the altepetl, and received tribute. They also oversaw the markets and temples, led the army, and resolved judicial disputes in the city state. Tlatoanis served their altepetl for life, and had to be from the noble class and of royal lineage. The Tlatoani of the capital city, Tenochtitlan, was the Huey Tlatoani, or emperor. The Cihuacoatl was second in command, chose all lower judges, was a member of the nobility, served as supreme judge, and handled financial affairs for the altepetl. When a tlatoani died, a new leader was chosen by a high council of four nobles related to the former ruler. The Aztec government was organized, safe, and smooth, with few bumps in the path.

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Tenochtitlan, their capital city state, is on an island in the texcoco lake. It is touching the gulf of mexico, in central america. The Aztec empire had pockets of land it was not able to conquer, but have managed to surround them. The southern edge of their boundaries are mountainous, so they have not really used the land for city states. The Balsas river comes into the center of the Aztec empire, and the city states around the lake have plenty of water. The narrow area where the Empire is placed, stops any other civilization from crossing to the other side, and joining any other large civilization to become a threat, and they can trade with bothe the mayans, and the incas, because they are between the two. The Aztecs’ environment fits them perfectly, allowing them to grow

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