Compare And Contrast The Christmas Movies

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“Christmas is the day that holds all time together” (Alexander Smith) Christmas is a holiday full of joy and happiness, and people from all over the world loves Christmas, not only children but also adults. As a result, thousands of companies see the business opportunities of Christmas, which formed Christmas big Sales, Christmas special products, and Christmas series shows and movies. Watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate with your family around the fireplace is always a sweet memory of Christmas. Without a doubt, Christmas movies have already existed for decades. However, have you ever noticed the differences between old Christmas movies and lately Christmas movies? The differences between the former version and the later version are more than what you can expect for! First of all, the movies’ settings of old Christmas movies are …show more content…

The first difference is the climaxes are different in old Christmas and the later Christmas movies. For example, the climaxes in the former version are usually the big tragedies of the family reunion on Christmas, such as big fighting between family members or destroying houses, whereas the climaxes of the later Christmas movies are more focusing on relationships between couples and two successive generations. As the context mentioned above, the disparity of the difference is due to the family composition patterns now are very different from before. As a result, the difference reflected in the content of the Christmas movies. Another difference is both the former and the later version usually have happy endings; however, the later version has more surprising endings than old Christmas movies. Because people have already watched plenty of Christmas movies since they were little, producers must have some surprise or new ideas in Christmas movies to keep attracting customers to buy tickets for movies or DVDs

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