Compare And Contrast The Democrats And Whigs

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“By the mid-1830s, a new two-party system and a lively national political culture had emerged in the United States” (Nash, p. 336). The parties’ group started with the conflicts of Jackson’s presidency and the religious eagerness that was a result of the Second Great Awakening. It resulted with a growing diversity and a changing nation as well. Both of the parties had strong and wealthy leaders. Whigs contained most of their nations wealth and were the strongest in the area. The Democrat and the Whig had different views of the government. The Democrats embraced liberty and local rule among its people. On the other hand, Whigs embraced the Clay’s American System, a national band that had federal support. If I had lived in the 1840s, I would have been a Whig. Whigs …show more content…

Rochester, New York, was typical” (Nash, p. 324). This was the year of the Great Awakening. The year of religious revivals in the 1730s and 1740s all throughout the United States. It was the fight between the British conservative religion and the American Protestantism that was becoming more democratic. The city would be crowded. Concerns over poverty and absenteeism was growing in the city. The most successful revival was the Second Great Awakening. Finney preaches many times a day going on for weeks. People thought that it was God’s miracles. Others thought that it was the human effort and faith that brought individual salvation. The growth of Methodists and Baptists increased during the first half of the nineteenth century. Missionaries would go around and gather Catholics to preserve their heritage and beliefs. People like Finney believed that humans were not objects of God’s plan, but free agents who could choose if they want to do good things or commit sins. All of this was fought for their religion, for their beliefs, for their world. They preach, people would listen. This is just the beginning of all the religious

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