Compare And Contrast The Gilded Age And The Progressive Era

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The Gilded Age was the period from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the twentieth century. This was an era noted for the widening social and economic gap between the powerful and the powerless. Political life during the Gilded Age was shaped by three main factors: the balance of power between Democrats and Republicans, the high level of public participation in everyday politics, and the often corrupt alliance between business and political leaders at all levels of government. The growing conflicts between city and country, industry and agriculture was the most important political issue. Financially distressed farmers felt ignored by the political process. The Progressive Age was a period of social activism and political innovation during which compelling public issues forced profound changes in the role of government and presidential leadership. Progressives shared the assumption that government must take a more active role in addressing the problems created by rapid urban and industrial growth. They thought that the government could be a tool for change. Progressives established the principle that governments had a responsibility to ensure that Americans were protected from abuse by powerful businesses and corrupt politicians. …show more content…

During the Gilded age there was a party called the “Populists” and during the Progressive Era there was a group called “progressives.” America’s population during the Gilded Age consisted 30 percent of immigrants. People during the Gilded Age were mostly concerned about looking for jobs. Progressives focused on many different goals and used many different methods. They assaulted a wide array of what they saw as social and political

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