Compare And Contrast The Goals Of The Progressive And Populism

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The impulses and goals of the progressive and populist party have drastically changed the domestic policy in the United States and got the domestic policy to where it is today. The main goals of the populist party and the progressives were to establish laws and regulations that would better improve the United States society. After America went through a severe political corruption era called the Gilded Age, the populists were determined to get America politically sound. When the progressives took over in 1895 their main belief was that growth and progress could not continue recklessly under the doctrine of Social Darwinism and laissiez-faire. Progressives aspired for polices including the New Deal, the Fair deal, and Great Society. These polices …show more content…

The progressives believed that the concentration of economic power in the hands of large corporations would further corrupt America. Anti-monopoly laws and regulations have helped to promote competition and prevent the concentration of economic power. These policies have had a significant impact on the domestic policy by promoting economic growth and innovation. Social Darwinism goes hand in hand with lassiez faire which advocates for survival of the fittest. This central idea of the progressives also promoted competition and left less power in the large corporations and individuals. An example of a policy that promotes Social Darwinism was the New Deal by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The New Deal was a series of programs and projects instituted during the Great Depression by President Franklin D. Roosevelt that aimed to restore prosperity to Americans. ( President Franklin D Roosevelt passed a ton of new policies and acts in his first 100 days in office and he also also implemented many relief programs such as the CCC, WPA, TVA, and SEC. The CCC applies to Social Darwinism because this program was set in order to give more men in America employment. This relates to survival of the fittest because in this era of America it was the hardest workers among the men that were able to provide for themselves. The way the progressive advocated for their ideal America greatly impacted the domestic policy over the

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