Compare And Contrast The Iroquois Creation Story

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There are many different creation stories, but I will be focusing mainly on the similarities and differences of the Iroquois creation story and the Hebrew creation story. The Iroquois Creation Story and the Hebrew Creation Story are similar in many ways. On the contrary, they are also dissimilar in many ways as well. Although they are both different stories, they still are important to many people and will continue to be future

The Iroquois creation story was how the Iroquois believed how things were created. There was the Sky-World where people inhabited the place. A pregnant woman who was craving strange delicacies wanted something from the sacred tree. She then fell through a hole out of the Sky-World and was brought down to a turtle's back. Since,there was no land, she had a muskrat go to the bottom of the ocean and retrieve dirt. When she received the dirt, she performed a ritual and began to grow Earth. The woman gave birth to a daughter, and when the daughter reached womanhood, someone appeared. The daughter was then to bear twins, one that was evil, and one that was good. The daughter died during labor and became plants. The two twins began to create animals, those that were …show more content…

In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. The spirit of God hovered over the ocean and began to create day by day. On the first day, God made light and he called “day” and the darkness “night”. On the second day, God created the sky. On the third day, God created land and vegetation. On the Fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and the stars. On the fifth and sixth day God created animals. On the seventh day, God did not only rest, he made man, woman and Eden. God placed the man in Eden and told him not to eat from a certain tree, but he could have everything else. A snake convinced the two to eat from the forbidden tree and God became angry. He then punished the snake, Adam, and

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