Native American Creation Stories Essay

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When the Puritans got to Plymouth Rock they saw a vast land filled with “red skinned savages.” They did not agree on whose land this was and there creation stories were a bit different as well. The Native Americans like every civilization in the world have a creation story. The creation stories tell the origins of the world as they believe it begun. Native American stories were not written and kept a record of they were passed down orally, they are essentially the indians version of the bible. The Indians and Puritans culturistic views on how earth begun are different and similar to each other.
The Puritans dream was to create a model society for the rest of christianity. They wanted the society in every way to be connected to God. The Puritans creation story is the Holy Bible. That the world was created by God in six days total and on the seventh day he rested. He created the land, the water, the birds, the fish, and the rest of the world. The Lord put Adam and Eve on the earth which were the first humans and they created sin by disobeying God. The goal for the Puritans is to live with absolute purity to have no sin …show more content…

Their culture shows not only the physical structure around them but also the spiritual. They never believed in a God ruling over them. They used the Great Spirit and myths to explain their religion and how the world had started. The Great Spirit is the extract Mother Nature to them. They believed it was not a good-natured spirit but it was not a spirit of hatred either. It was simply a neutral entity. They had developed the belief that life and death moved in the same circle. The nature held the powers of the earth and they worshiped that. They did not relate to a God and respected the plains and mountains of America deeply. They protected their love for the earth with a passion. They did not take advantage of the earth they had a connection with it and only used what they

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