Compare And Contrast The Life Of Wilbur And Orville

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Wilbur and Orville had many problems and challenges while making the aircraft.the wright brothers still managed to make/fly the first aircraft. The kind of problems they had was the weather,family, and technical difficulties. The weather got in the way when they were trying to fly. One way the weather got in the way was when the winds were to light. When that happened the plane couldn 't fly because it needs high winds. Another thing is that the weather in kill devil hills it was frigid and stormy. They had to wait which made them behind schedule. The weather gets in the way. Family is forever, but for the Wright brothers it go in the way. They told their dad they wouldn 't fly on Sunday 's. Even though the weather was perfect and they were ready to fly. They had promised him that they would not and they go mad because they were ready to fly. Another reason is that when they were ready to fly it, but it might of cause conflict of who is riding first. Why because both of them want to be the person to make and ride in the first aircraft. That most likely called …show more content…

Technical and difficulties were a big part of problems and challenges. One of the reasons is the vibration. The vibration was so bad that it damaged part of the plane and made the propellers spin. Another reason is that motor sputtered which made the vibration happen. The front rubber came off and it broke the plane. They had to go back to Ohio to get parts to fix it. The plane wrecked beyond repair. They had to ship the remains to Ohio because flyer 1 would never fly again. The Wight brothers had many problems and challenges, but they all come out as solutions. They worked together to come out with the first aircraft. It took time but they took that time and did it. People today still appreciate of what they. Thanks to Wright brothers we have an

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