Compare And Contrast The Work Of Confucius And Han Fei

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Compare and contrast the work of Confucius and Han Fei in terms of what they think about and view society and how it should be ordered? Apart from highlighting similarities and differences, in your conclusion also speak about which political model is more appealing to you and why? What is a society? Every society is distinct from each other. Each of it goes through ups and down, but at the end of the day they all have a story to share. If we closely look at a society we can possibly make an instruction manual on what is the right and wrong way of running a society. It is not possible to predict how our society may turn out to but we have societies to look up to and we can adapt and modify those qualities which is best suited for us. Confucius and Han Fei are two Chinese philosophers whose works have been widely read and implemented. They both had a peculiar view on their society and how to order society. It is also interesting to look at these two particular thinkers because both of them came from the Chinese society but their view on society is so distinct. The entire essay would be divided into three major components. In this first component I would like to throw light on how these two thinkers viewed society. In the second part I would like to talk to how they wanted to order society. In the last part I wold give my opinion on which model is more appealing to me. The first thing that stuck me after reading the analects and the work of Han Fei is that, they both believed

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