Similarities Between Roman Empire And Han China

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Society was a huge part of the Roman Empire and Han China. They both have similarities and differences when it comes to their societies. The clothing, social classes, and the role of women are very different but are similar in some ways.
In the Roman Empire and Han China, the clothing was important to society. They both had standard dress but it was different between the two. The garments were all mostly simple and worn in layers. In the Roman Empire the standard dress was a tunic, which went down to their knees. They had different clothes for different social classes, and the women wore different things. In Han China they called the clothing Hanfu. The standard dress was a robe made out of different fabrics that had patterns on them that depicted Chinese symbols. They had a y shaped collar and were fastened by a belt. The common dress of both the Roman Empire and Han China were very different but had a few similarities. …show more content…

They both had social classes that were a huge part to society and both had a lot of distinction between the different classes. Unlike Han China, In the Roman Empire, people could move between classes. In the Roman Empire the Upper class included the senator class and the equestrian class. The Lower class included the commons, Latin’s, foreigners, freed people, and slaves. In Han China, the social structure had three tiers. Aristocrats and bureaucrats were at the top, then there were peasants and skilled workers (farmers), the bottom tier was the unskilled workers, such as slaves and servants. The emperor was at the very top. The social structure of both the Roman Empire and Han China were very different but had a few

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