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Jon Krakauer, Emerson, Thoreau, and Donovan are all great writers. The four writers share a lot of ideas but one of the main ones is transcendentalism. In a lot of their writings and pieces you can find a good amount of these ideas about individuality and being yourself all the time. These four writers stand up for what they believe in as that is one of the ideas of transcendentalism. One thing that shows how their ideas convey with each other is in the title of the poem “it’s all on me” by Donovan. Which means that everything is up to the individual and you have to be self-reliant rather than rely on others. Emerson also states, “self reliance gave me permission to be a free thinker and to rigorously question everything around me.” What Emerson really is saying is that him being self reliant gives him the right to think however he wants and he doesn’t have to listen to anyone else’s thoughts because he doesn’t rely on them only on himself. …show more content…

Thoreau was actually forced to quit his teaching job because he did not agree with the punishment he was given for doing something wrong. Meaning that he did not agree with the government's rules for his punishment. Just as Thoreau, Krakauer believed the same thing as so did Chris Mccandless in the novel “Into the Wild.” As Krakauer wrote the book in it he stated that Chris said, “how I feed myself is none of the government's business. F*** their stupid rules.” Krakauer did not agree with how the government is ran and the rules that they have. He was not a fan of the government that is why Chris went out into the

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