Van Gogh And Modigliani Analysis

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Saelin Yang
MR. Benard
Research and Presentation
23 March 2018
Van Gogh and Modigliani
Are there certain conditions of how some specific people get to success? There are both similarities and differences between Vincent Van Gogh and Amedeo Modigliani 's life. They both turned out to succeed as artists who influenced the world after their death, whereas their lifestyle and artistic styles were outstandingly different. Vincent Van Gogh, one of the prolific Dutch artist, is considered as the iconic tortured artist. Despite the failure, his artworks are now the most popular works in the art field. This counts the same for Amedeo Modigliani, he used to be alcoholic and no one realized his talent until after his death. This research paper will specify
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Van Gogh 's love was not a happy ending but he tried his best to take care of a prostitute name Sien. He loved Sien and wanted to produce her the place to stay and rest (이세진 31). They were able to stay together for several months but due to Van Gogh 's lack of money, their relationship has ended. While Van Gogh 's love ended up quickly, Modigliani 's love was longer and more passional. Modigliani met Jeanne Hebuterne at an age of thirty- two and when Jeanne was only eighteen (이유리 20). Jeanne was introduced as a model for Modigliani who gave inspirations. Most of the paintings of Modigliani does not have eyeballs of the person, their eyes look like an almond and give a feeling as if the person is unconscious. From the age of 32, Modigliani fell in love in Jeanne and their relationship has started. However, Jeanne 's parents disagreed with their relationship since Modigliani was too impoverished. Despite the denial of her parents, Jeanne decides to get married to a poor Modigliani. Before they got married, while Modigliani was painting a nude portrait of Jeanne, she asked: "Why do you never draw my eyeballs?". Modigliani answered, "When I know your soul, I will paint your eyes" (앙드레 살몽 17). Even after marriage, Jeanne always modeled for her husband. After they got their first baby, Modigliani painted a portrait named "Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne" which clearly…show more content…
The illness and love both did not greet them easily but rather hard. Even their financial problems never easily got solved through alcohol and drugs. However, they kept their passion for the artists who tried to express their freedom and share their life through drawing. Even though they lived miserably, they knew how to love and deal with the outer world. Van Gogh and Modigliani 's ability to transform their flaws and pain into art indicates that even though they had failures and illnesses which blocked their dream, they actually acted upon as strong independent men who faced each of their pain through paintings. Without passion and love which helped them to overcome, they could not have been considered as one of the masters of the
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