Compare Angkor Wat And Stonehenge

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How did ancient peoples manage to create buildings which could last until today when they did not have access to any of modern equipment? Specifically, structures like Stonehenge and Angkor Wat were all constructed over thousand years ago where there was no existence of excavator, loader or trucks, but ancient people are very smart to be able to build such admiring structures for next generations afterward. Angkor Wat was located in Siem Reap, Cambodia while Stonehenge was in Wiltshire, England. Even though they were found in different places, Angkor Wat and Stonehenge share some similarities but also differences in term of history, architecture and purposes. In term of History, there are two similarities and one difference. At first, both Angkor Wat and Stonehenge were built for more than 1,000 years ago as mentioned above. Angkor Wat was built in 1113 but it still managed to remain most of its shape until today (Kimsoryar Tour, 2014). On the other hand, Stonehenge was built since over 3,000 years ago (Nomadic Matt, 2008). Additionally, they both were once abandoned by human kind. According to Angkor Temple Guides, the building was abandoned by local people in the 15th century but it was restored back by French in 1968. Comparatively, Stonehenge was abandoned for over 1,000 years after the first stage of its construction (Stonehenge, 2014). However, they both were quite different in the history of wall carving. For example, the story of events which were happening around

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