Comparing Cassius And Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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I will be comparing co and contrasting Cassius and Brutus in the play “Julius Caesar.” Julius Caesar was written by William Shakespeare. William wrote a lot about tragedy and in the play“Julius Caesar” there is definitely tragedy. I will be comparing Cassius and Brutus who are two of the most tragic characters in this play. Cassius and Brutus both were the noblest and honorable people in Rome, and they both wanted to get rid of Caesar. .Cassius and Brutus are both similar for wanting to get rid of Caesar, but they also have their differences. Cassius wanted to get rid of Caesar because he didn’t want anyone to ever be better than him. Brutus on the other hand only wanted to get rid of Caesar for the good of Rome, Brutus felt that Caesar wouldn’t have been a good …show more content…

Mark Antony could’ve completely exposed Brutus and Cassius for what they did to his friend Caesar. Unlike Brutus Cassius is very observing. Cassius observes his opponents and spots each and everyone’s weakness Caesar: “He is a great observer.”Caesar is saying that Cassius is a great observer when it come to his opponents. Cassius spots out the weaknesses of them also. Brutus is trustworthy. Everyone in Rome knew that Brutus was a good guy but Brutus then ruined that when he killed Caesar. Caesar said before he fell to the ground”Et tu Brute?” Which shows that Caesar trusted Brutus and never would’ve thought he would’ve stabbed him in the back like he did. Unlike Brutus we have Cassius, wasn’t very trustworthy. Caesar didn’t like how Cassius always seemed like he was up to something. Cassius proved to us that he could not be trusted.”Writings, all tending to the great opinion that Rome holds of his name.” Cassius wrote letters as citizens and placed them all around Brutus. Cassius doesn’t seem very trustworthy to me after that. Last but certainly not least, Brutus wasn’t selfish. He killed Caesar to save

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