Comparing Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde two completely different personalities but are the same character. The way they look Dr. Jekyll is described as an older man in his fifties tall and “smoothed faced” and Mr. Hyde is described as a gnarly looking man with a small stature, Hyde is a repulsive thing to look at. Dr. Jekyll lived a very private life but was publicly viewed as a good man but Mr. Hyde was a total opposite, he was a destructive man who just didn’t care he was viewed as a monster. Even though Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are two completely different personas they are the same person. This reasons state that that even though Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are the same person they are two completely different personalities.

Mr. Hyde has a very abominable appearance. He was the ugliest creature someone could look at. In the novel it was said that when he looked at a person it gave them a sinister feeling. Dr. Jekyll was a more collected individual who people liked. The doctor was an …show more content…

Hyde was like a mask for Jekyll a different personality that wanted different things. Jekyll wanted to create an alter ego so he was able to things without feeling guilty or fear. If Jekyll didn’t create Hyde he would’ve lost his good status in the town and become a criminal. I strongly believe that when he was found dead in his house he committed suicide because he just couldn’t take it anymore. Having Hyde as a second personality he changed from a good kind doctor to an evil monster with o soul.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was just one person with two personalities. He was a troubled man that needed help. He wanted an alter ego to handle what he really wanted to do; it was his cover so he doesn’t lose any of his status as Dr. Jekyll. I you think about it Dr. Jekyll was an evil man who wanted to get away with many wrong things, and thus he created his mask Mr.

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