Comparing Dystopian Society In Fahrenheit 451 And Modern Society

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What is a perfect utopian society exactly? Well, everyone has their own dream of their utopian societies, their own perfect world, but dystopian societies are the reality, which exist in every part, every continent, every country, every state, every city, every town, within every single human. Dystopian societies ride highs and lows in these two books and one film, providing the perfect examples of the comparisons and contrasts of these three different worlds. There are clear similarities and drastic differences between today 's modern society and the existence of books in Fahrenheit 451, individual rights in 2081, and leadership in Girl In A Bad Place. In both modern world and in Fahrenheit 451, there are books, but, in the two different societies, book are also viewed as opposites. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, books are viewed as a danger. In this society where the government has most of the control, book are scarce, only found in homes of people brave enough to risk their lives for these books. If the citizens refuse to leave their homes that hold even one book, they will be burned with the books, with no mercy. “Do you ever read the books you burn?” He laughed.” That 's against the law!” “Oh. Of course.”’It 's fine work. Monday burn Millary, Wednesday Whitman, Friday Faulkner, burn em to ashes, then burn the ashes. That 's our official slogan,”(Bradbury 5-6). Now, in modern society, books are viewed as tools. They are kept in open and enhancing environments, like
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