Caitlin Stoicsitz And Elizabeth Bennet Comparison

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Although Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and Caitlin Stoicsitz from I

Will Always Write Back have different backgrounds, they both share the same

principal thoughts and ideas. Caitlin is known for her generous and caring love for

others. An example of this is how she gets a job help pay for Martin, a boy from

Africa, to attend school so he can go on to pursue his dreams. Elizabeth Bennet is known for her courageousness and her

straightforward mindset. An example of this is when she tells Mr. Darcy she doesn 't

want to marry him yet, but has a change of heart and than builds up the courage to

tell Mr. Darcy later that she does indeed love him.

Elizabeth Bennet and Caitlin Stoicsitz share many similar qualities.

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