Comparing King Arthur And The Church

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King Arthur and The Church Heroism is a tactics designed to promote Knight’s rules and Church teaching, and King Arthur’s of legendary story is the best among all. According to this, in King Arthur’s story, people can always find rights related to Church and God, so people who appreciate Arthur and his knights would strongly believe in God. By doing it, the Church can absorb more believers and become even stronger. It’s a tradition that the knight should get God’s permission, because during the ancient time, crown and theocracy are always bounded together. So the protecter of Kingdom, the knight, will also be the army of God and fight with Church’s enemy. “[“You should understand this clearly that, since the king holds his title from God, it is surely his duty to suit his decisions to divine…show more content…
Without doubting, the story of King Arthur would always be his victory. "The warrior Arthur, with the soldiers and kings of Britain... was twelve times leader in war, and victor in all battles,” (JONES, 3) By the name of God, there is no possibly for Arthur to lose. Because in all stories, King Arthur and his knights are all great warriors, who are strong and full of willpower. “Arthur and his knights merely sleep, awaiting the call to inspire and rescue us at any time.” (JONES, 5) As human beings, they are given some inhuman characteristics, and these traits make them even close to saints. As heroes, they are not allowed to die, so in the stories they would come back when God and people need them: “Ever since, it has heen claimed that the legendary 'once and future king ' and his knights slumher, awaiting their call to action” (JONES, 1) As mentioned before, these
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