Comparing King's I Have A Dream And George VI Wartime Speech

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Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and George VI wartime speech are both equally well-written and spoken, but each speaker had a different approach on presentation, type of speech, and effect on society. The first comparison between Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and King George VI wartime speech are that speeches served for different situations and audience, but Martin Luther King performed better to his audience. The purpose of MLK speech was a call to end racism in America and a push for Civil Rights. In doing so, the speech took place at the Lincoln moment memorial and was presented in front of about 250,000 Civil Rights supporters. “I Have a Dream” touched the audience’s heart and emotionally moved them. On the other hand, King …show more content…

MLK was a confident and well-spoken man who knew how to use his voice volume to engage the audience’s attention. The use of rhetorical devices are much evident in MLK speech as helped with the success of his speech. He used an abundant amount of anaphora’s, metaphors, allusions and hyperboles that helped his audiences understand his speech message by painting a picture for them. King George VI in his early days grew up with a stammering issue that didn’t make his speeches effective, but for this particular speech, he was clear and spoke orally well. His speech delivery was clear and had long pauses for his audiences to take in his message. The King’s speech did not have a lot of rhetorical devices due to it being addressed more formally because it was to the whole British Empire. It is obvious that MLK speech was more written to be a moving to an audiences, but with no regards to that. MLK is a better speaker than King George VI despite King George not

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