Comparing Movie 5 To 7

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The movie 5 to 7, shows a relationship between a couple, Brian and Arielle, who have interesting limitations as to when they are able to see each other. They are only allowed to meet up with each other between 5pm until 7pm. Arielle is also married but has an agreement with her husband that they can have open relationships between the hours of 5 and 7. Eventually Brian and Arielle grow closer and closer, until one day Brian proposes and betrays the trust of the relationship rules and Arielle no longer is able to see Brian. They both move on with their lives and years later they see other in public, Arielle with her husband and kids, and Brian with his wife and kid, in the end Arielle shows Brian that she still wears the ring he got her. Through …show more content…

However, nothing is perfect, and their relationship eventually does see a downfall. Brian decides that his passion and love for Arielle has reached a point where he wants to propose to her. He buys a ring and proposes to her, and even though she has love for Brian too, she is not really on board with getting married as Brian is, but she tells him that she will marry him and that they will meet at 4 the next day. Arielle at this point seems kind of distant and gives Brian false hope, and keeps trying to physically distance herself from him while he's trying to propose to her. However, Arielle does not show the next day and the doorman at the hotel hands Brian a letter that explains Arielle’s decision for not being able to marry Brian, because she already has a family and does not want to leave her kids to be with Brian. This is the ending point of the relationship and Arielle never shows up to see Brian again. Arielle’s disappearance can be explain by the technique of stonewalling, this is one of her ways of dealing with conflict, and so to get away from it so the best action she thinks she should take is to avoid it as much as possible and to just leave a letter even though Brian was expecting her at the hotel in …show more content…

Aside from the unusual hours of when they are able to see each other, their relationship is likely a typical one. They are able to find themselves attached to each other and seek to be with one another. They involved themselves in self expansion events which helped their relationship grow. They were also able to capitalize on the good things, which also helped their relationship be in a good position and progressed in a good direction. Conflict was rarely seen in their relationship, however, it was not completely absent. On occasion conflict will arise in any relationship. A relationship with no conflict would likely be an unhealthy one. Brian and Arielle both had their different ways of dealing with it. Individual differences guide peoples behaviours and sometimes those behaviours are the most beneficial for them or the relationship. Even though these behaviours still occur because that is who they are, it is how they deal with the conflict and if they are able to overcome it, which will determine their future. If they had chosen to pursue continuing their relationship and turning it into long term, it would likely be a good, healthy one. All of these signs and qualities mentioned previously describing Brian and Arielle’s relationship would be good indicators of a good future for the both of them if they had made that

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