Comparing Perez's And Graff Articles

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Dana Nguyen Ms. Newray ERWC, Period 5 August 28, 2015 Perez’s & Graff Articles Summaries In Perez’s article, Want To Get Into College? Learn to Fail [ Feb. 12, 2012], failure is the most significant, but hurtful step towards a successful life. If a person has never honestly dealt with failure, how can they possibly ever improve or move forward? It is important to learn and be able to solve problems in society, whether it is for academic or not. If failure is a result of taking a risk, going into an unknown and confusing situation will be the most likeliest place to be. A person who always go into the “safe” path will result in a predictable outcomes but no improvement. Not facing the dangerous path will only lead to the “what if’s”. Hidden
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