Comparing Religion In Ancient Rome And Ancient Greece

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How did you think religion was like back then for the Romans and the Greeks? Religion is an important part of their culture. Throughout history it has influenced almost every other aspect of life including wars, marriages, sporting and entertainment events, as well as daily life and activities. There is no denying that it is important. Religion in ancient times was no different than modern day. The ancient Romans and ancient Greeks both had unique religious beliefs that impacted their lives. While their beliefs were unique to their culture, they also shared some similarities.
Religion in ancient Rome included a variety of beliefs integrated together. Ancient Rome was the birthplace of Christianity, but they also worshipped other gods similar to ancient Greece. Ancient Rome was the most relgious people in history. Their gods where very imporant to them in there everyday lifes.The gods that thier people believed consisted of Mars god of war, Mercuary the god of messaging, Neptune god of the sea, Janus god of the doorway, Diana god of hunting,vesta god of hearth,minerva goddess of healing and wisdom, Venus god of love.Their gods where not just worshipped out side of the the lifes of these people in Rome.There where special chapels in Rome that were used to worship and pray for their gods.They used dead animals to
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The Romans took this very serisouly because it predicted what will happen in the future. Temples where countinuing to be built all over Rome. All of the people who worshipped these gods were sent home with something called a Lares. A Laurus was for praying
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