Comparing Singin In The Rain By Stanley Donen And Gene Kelly

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The motion picture of Singin’ in the Rain by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly was released in 1952. Singin’ in the Rain explores the different styles of film production in the MGM golden age. By showing the process of making a film, the transitions from a silent production to an audio production, and a romance between an actor and an actress. At the opening scene of the production, Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly), Cosmo Brown (Donald O’ Connor) and Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) start off by walking in step with the song Singin’ in the Rain. As the next scene rolls over, the Grauman’s Chinese theater has the title The Royal Rascal. During this time all the actors were arriving to the premier. The fans were going crazy. Suddenly, Cosmo shows up and …show more content…

First, he turns on all the lights, then he starts the big fan that was aiming at Kathy that was on the ladder, next he starts singing a wonderful song about her, which happens to show how Hollywood would set up for a seen in any production. In fact, an article “More Than Meets the Eye” in Singin’ in the Rain and Day for Night says the “director, crew, and sound engineer cope in inventive but ultimately futile ways with the cumbersome equipment, particularly the static microphone.” Pg. 2 lines 6-7. This quote is showing some of the process these people had to do with the big studios. Along with how the next production picture was on the “The Dueling Cavalier”, which later in the movie gets a name change because the production was becoming an MGM musical, which was a part of the golden age. So, they make the “The Dueling cavalier” into the “The Dancing Cavalier”, which also cause a few problems along the way. One of the problems was that Lina could not sing or talk. So, Don had asked Kathy to become her voice in the production, which she agreed to do if she gets credited. But Lina could never know that Kathy was going to be her replacement. Which was kind of a conflict of the move because Kathy and Lina weren’t not good terms. So, as Kathy was recording for Lina to lip sync the track to, Lina soon finds out from one of her friends that was working in the production. So, she went down to the papers and told them a lie on how well she can sign and forced the movie production to get Kathy out of the picture with a five-year

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